Most people foolishly believe business coaching or mentoring costs your business money – this is true if you choose an unqualified mentor.

The truth is, working with the right mentor or coach who has practical & real world experience, (and this is the critical issue) will save you thousands of dollars and stop you from making the same mistakes as others before you have already made. The right business coaching will truly help you make significantly more money than you are currently making.

Our Programs Suit all Size Businesses

We have 4 levels of best coaching and mentoring for business from startups to those doing hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Level 1 – Strategic Mastermind Program – under $1000 per month
  • Level 2 – Strategic High Achievers Program – under $3000 per month
  • Level 3 – Directorship Program – under $3500 per month
  • Level 4 – Graduate – Strategic Elite Retreat program – POA

Strategic Mastermind Program

This program provides you with quarterly weekend boardroom sessions with a small group successful business entrepreneurs. Each session is chaired by either Siimon Reynolds or Brian Sher. You also have access to Siimon’s monthly 2 hour ‘Brainstorming’ sessions and our Member’s Area. The program runs over the course of 12 months.

Strategic High Achievers Program

This is our core business program that fast tracks your business growth by combining strategy, accountability and mentorship. We employ a combination of group and individual consults to push your business to new heights of success. This includes one on one monthly coaching calls, quarterly boardroom meetings, biannual marketing retreats and a wealth of tools and assets at your disposal. The program runs over the course of 3 years.

The Directorship Program

The Directorship program is tailored to your individual needs. Both Siimon Reynolds and Brian Sher will sit on your advisory board each month over the year, and provide you their personal experience and advice on how to grow your business at lightning speed. You have access to Brian and Siimon via email between sessions as well as access to their considerable contacts and resources. This program runs indefinitely.

Strategic Graduate Elite Retreat Program

This program is for Fortune Institute graduates only. Our graduate students enroll in our annual three day retreat of both learning, experiencing and networking with our other graduate entrepreneurs. The retreat program is held in exotic locations like Bali, Thailand and Fiji, where graduates will indulge in high level entrepreneurial thinking, and education with our two founders and other invited special guests.

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